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Sonoma County is littered with fragmented pockets of innovation, in the many forms of students, telecommuters, entrepreneurs, and hidden-away new businesses. Startup Sonoma County aims to rally those talented indivduals into a more cohesive virtual and physical community. By providing a shared physical incubation space in Santa Rosa, the largest city north of San Francisco, new startups will benefit from direct discussions and frequent collaboration with their fellow North Bay entrepreneurs.

Unlike a coworking space, Startup Sonoma County is not a public bill-by-hour-space, but rather a location where new startups are incubated, ideas are shared, and mutual support is the norm. New members are expected to “give before they get” and must help the entire community grow and thrive.

Startup Sonoma features four collaborative work tables with space for four to six people at each. To encourage networking and collaboration, there is no set seating. Startup Sonoma also has two conference rooms, the Board Room and the Situation Room. This quality workspace also offers a bathroom, kitchenette and dining space. With abundant natural light and a welcoming environment, SSC is the space for innovation.